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Hi there! My name is alu and I draw sometimes.

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I had my first real day of summer vacation today and it was so good ahhhh ^u^

I went swimming with my dog. ULTIMATE JOY! It was great until she almost drowned me. And I ate watermelon and took a nap and basically did nothing for the rest of the day ahhhh oh my gosh. It was unbelievable. It was heaven. 

but anyhoo!

it’s that time again where I lose all creativity and can’t draw anything anymore `v` !

anyone want to do art trades? And draw me something back because usually when I do these, only half the people do so um yes ;w;…

and if you do, I’d like to know a random fact about you! /creeper I’d like to get to know more about you guys so yeah haha ;u;…

if you don’t, then it’s okay! but I hope you guys are enjoying the very last days of the summer, yeah! 


you guys are very interesting HAHA! and thanks for the interest guys, I sent you messages ovo

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  1. joturtleのコメント: I’d like to do an art trade again ;w;~ And a random fact: When I was very young and went to Hawaii, a seagull pooped on my head T____T LOL
  2. wuzidanのコメント: I suck at playing team fortress 2 ; w ;
  3. forlackofabettercomicのコメント: I think it would be awesome to trade an arts with you. I do this webcomic thing, so you know I’m good for it!
  4. moopflopのコメント: AAAA your art is so nice I’d love to do a trade with you if you’d have me! A random fact about me is that I’ve broken my elbow twice two years in a row!
  5. diaryofanasiankidのコメント: NUUUU PICK ME FIRST ;OOOO; ily, I’m so glad you had a good day!!
  6. omocatのコメント: art trade! :)
  7. tokimekiwakuのコメント: RAININGCATS SSOOBBBBB I’m glad you had a fun summer holiday ;w; A RANDOM FACT EHHHH, well I uh, eat like a seal. LITERALLY. I dangle food above my head and I look up and swallow them whole, it’s a really nasty habit HEHHOW ABOUT YOU andI’dlovetotrade
  8. j-mielのコメント: sure! :D I don’t mind doing an art trade!
  9. rainingcatsの投稿です