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Hi there! My name is alu and I draw sometimes.

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heyy, long time no draw/talk!! I’m officially on break for a week before I go back up for school so I’m back in socal and to my surprise…my family got a puppy!

She’s a chihuahua mix with something else and really, really sweet! We’re having some difficulty in choosing a name…anyone have any suggestions? Also, any suggestions on potty training…;-;???

I’ll be answering a question about a coloring process below, so if you’re interested, read on!

Also, here’s a WIP of the next pic!


Aw, thanks guys for your super kind messages! Always makes me really happy to get messages, so don’t be shy!

In terms of a tutorial, I left a general description of my process in my last post, hopefully that helps? I’m sorry if it’s not descriptive enough! I don’t have a set process yet, so I usually do something different each time haha. I’ll try and be a bit more descriptive in terms of my coloring process using my last Mami picture.

  1. Depending on whether I think I’ll be using a background or not, I’ll either leave the background blank or just slap on a random color on a layer. I do this so that I can actually see what I’ll be putting of it because sometimes I’ll be drawing someone who may have white clothing, like Mami!
  2. After I set up a colored bg, I’ll start by choosing the skin tone, if I’m drawing a person. As you can see, I totally got Mami’s skin color wrong, but fear not!! If you’re using SAI, or I assume PS, it’s really easy to fix that later on using opacity lock on the existing layer and switching it up! After the skin tone selection, I’ll try to get a general understanding of what base colors I’ll be using for the other layers.
  3. Once I have my base colors down, I’ll start with drawing out the head. I do this so that I know where I should be continuing the rest of the drawing. I basically just draw a circle..HAHAHA nothing exciting! After that, I’ll start branching out into the other layers like the neck, clothing, legs, etc. If you’re like me, you’ll use a bunch of different layers! It’s helpful to name them unless you can immediately identify what’s what by the icon haha
  4. After I’ve set down my base colors and individual layers, I’ll start “shading” them individually. I put shading in quotes because I don’t really think I do any shading…AHAH I just use the marker tool and kind of rub everything and hope, “dear god I hope this works!!” I’ll put the shading layer in a clipping mask though above the selection that I want. (i.e shading on a skirt layer will be placed on top of the layer in a clipping mask.) I used to just use the opacity lock, but I found that once I messed up, I’d have to start all over again! It just saves me a bit of time to put it in a separate clipping mask (:
  5. After I have the body down, I’ll start by adding the extras. The extras are just miscellaneous details that pertain to what I’m drawing. In Mami’s case, it was Charlotte! I do the same process with this as I did with the beginning layers. (base color, shading, details.)
  6. I didn’t take a screen shot of this, but if I feel like it, I’ll slap on a texture and call it a night!

Hopefully this long worded description gives you an idea of what I do!

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