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some klk sketches i did from a v long time ago and some right after it ended.

happy so very late birthday wuzidan!

aiee i wanted to color you something but i dont have the (power) so i tried drawing your queen, suffering OTP, and your oc.

tbh, the reason why i made my sketch blog was to practice drawing for your bday….last yr…^q^ it has been a long journey. altho im still not confident w.lines and coloring, you and your art makes me want to keep trying and improving. 

thank you so much for being my friend and always being there for me. you’re a v important person to me and im sp happy we are friends, you are the best ilu u////u

trying to remember.

some sunshine sketches 

day 1
your persona
sketchy big skirt witchsona

ellieserketからの質問: Can you draw Hatsune Miku?


i forgot what she looked like exactly but i think this is sort it yea

random sketches i did while feeling emotional last night and a few from a long time ago i grabbed from my sketch blog.

i havent drawn anything for a few weeks, it’s hard to get back into things.

i always related sayaka to ursula from the little mermaid
was supposed to go to sketch blog but i am ok w.it so i will keep it here

HELLO ALU!!!!!! I’M UR SEKRIT SANTE!!! We met really briefly at AX13 and you were really nice so I hope you like this drawing I did for you!!! Your girls were really fun to draw. ;v ;!!! ALL OF YOUR OC DESIGNS ARE SO GREAT WAHHH!!! I HOPE YOU’RE HAVING A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

THIS IS SO FANTASTIC AND BEAUTIFUL SAM!!!!! this is too wonderful oh my godSam, your style is so incredibly gorgeous and sleek and you have such an amazing style of drawing bodies w.such interesting compositions god this is so beautiful!!!! I’m so in love with how you drew my dumb ocs!!! Their bodies look so soft yet strong ahhh gpd sam!!!!! So so amazing ah god @///@ I love your style so much ahhhThank you so much, this is such an amazing Christmas exchange ;///;!!!! Thank you cae for organizing this ah gosh

merry christmas cae!! surprise, I’m your secret santa!!

i hope you like it haha sweats intensely. im sorry for making Oh look so androgynous haha…male chars…coughs up blood..

thank you so much for inviting me!

california winter
(horse laughs) 

Kakukaku Shikajika is an autobiography of the artist Akiko Hayashi who also does Kuragehime.

This is a fantastic manga to read if you’re ever feeling confused as to what direction your art is going or if you’ve hit a road block and you don’t know what you’re doing with your life.

If you’ve spent your life dedicated to achieving your dream and then you find yourself at a loss of what to do once you’ve hit a high point, what happens? Or you suddenly lose faith in your ability to do anything??

This is a great manga. It’s lovely, personal, and funny. It’s nostalgic if you’ve felt the same way in the past and extremely relatable if you’re going through an art block/uneasy time in life.


edit! The mangaka’s name is actually Akiko Higashimura, my mistake! On the manga description, it said her real name is Akiko Hayashi, my bad!

匿名からの質問: I saw your tag on your last drawing that you said you're a mean looking girl with long hair - are you really?

im often told that im intimidating at first or that i have a cold demeanor and i guess i just have a naturally angry looking face so hm yeah it’s true

outfit ref
i just wanted to draw a mean looking girl w.short hair

forgive me for pretending to be a prince.

happy 5 month late bday @shihfufu!! sorry!! you are the utena of my heart, i love you and i hope we will always be friends!!! have a safe trip in japan!!

posting both versions bc i am indecisive heehoo