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Hi there! My name is alu and I draw sometimes.

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recent twitter draws

a mini maid moon warm up i posted on twitter a while ago

some miscellaneous sketches i did last nite and some from a very long time ago


some were ref’d from posts on the side blog


a dominatrix noire i did a while ago for the twitter fe:a 69min challenge. The theme was lingerie.

a chromdelia drawing i posted on twitter last nite for wuzidan's birthday!

my headcanon is that cordelia has a treasured picture of her first day with chrom in the barracks and then severa purikuras it when she sees it


marceline’s day at the beach

a warmup i posted on twitter the other day that i kind of liked so it goes here too
a quick k-on mugi drawing i posted on twitter last nite for shihfu's birthday!!
there were a lot of things that bothered me about it, so i edited it a bit today and added legs so yay, mugi!!

bravely default twitter wips


I’m not as active on here as I’d like to be, but I do upload WIPs p.often on twitter if you’re interested! (let’s be friends!)


Thank you guys for your overwhelming support for my storenvy and especially my mahou shoujo madoka prints!

I’ve sold out twice of these babies in the past year so I’m now doing preorders at my storenvy!

To celebrate this mahou madness occasion, I’ll be giving out random pins/bookmarks/charms/mini-prints with every order over $25. All my in stock prints from last year are 25% off as well!

In addition to this, if you buy a complete set of my madokas, I will also be throwing in a ~*~mystery~*~ gift!

These prints are also available for a preorder as well.

Thank you again for all your support, I really appreciate it!


I cosplayed Noi for ax2014. Photo by gisu

wuzidan ‘s Noi cosplay was so cool!!! that’s maid me checking her out in the back! ^^ !!!

I got a couple asks and I realized that I should’ve clarified that I am not tabling at AX this year!

I will just be attending Friday as a drifter, but I will be hanging out at the lovely sayonararolling's table at D54 for some part of the day! Please come find me if you’d like to trade a mini print, these are the ones I’ll be bringing with me!

Also, as I stated in my previous post, all of these prints are available full size on my storenvy as a preorder!

oh! And if you can’t find me, another way to contact me if you want to trade is tweeting me!!



I will be at Anime Expo this Friday and I’ll have this as a mini print! If you’d like to trade, lemme know!

I also have this print in its full size glory as well as others at my storenvy as a preorder!


fun palette time!


i didnt watch the first movie but i thought she was cool

I’m about to watch httyd2 so im reblogging this quick sketch for the occasion!! hope I’m not too confused during the movie! ok bye!!

hi there!

here are some WIPs that i’ve been playing around with! i’m not as active as i’d like to be on here, so i post these kinds of things on twitter!


also if you follow me on twitter, i’ve made my account public so please say hi!! ;v; i’d love to be friends! ye!!!!!